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About Us

S.T.E.P. is an alternative education campus for juvenile justice-involved youth with three schools under one roof. As a cooperative effort between the educational community and Williamson County Juvenile Services, our primary goals are education, academic growth, rehabilitation, personal accountability, and character development.

Academically, we work on closing gaps and continuing rigor just as a traditional campus. We emphasize educational skills, study skills, and how to successfully navigate virtual learning environments.

Socially, our connections and behavior modeling teach students to think and respond rather than react. Students learn self-acceptance, resilience, and experience small successes that build confidence, self-discipline, trust, integrity, and self-care.

Note about enrollment: We get multiple calls from parents who are interested in their children attending S.T.E.P.; unfortunately, we are not open-enrollment. Students are placed in one of the 3 programs by the court, or are expelled by the school district which sends them to the JJAEP program. If you are looking for an alternative program for your child, we suggest you begin the conversation with your child's school counselor.