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The Williamson County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (J.J.A.E.P.) is a non-residential program for students (age 10 through graduation) assigned to S.T.E.P. as a result of mandatory or discretionary expulsions from the home district or court order. S.T.E.P. works closely with the home district to maintain consistency in academics and educational support services.

The goal of the J.J.A.E.P. is to reduce delinquency, increase accountability, and rehabilitate through a comprehensive, coordinated system. Our mission in Williamson County is to assure that every student is provided a quality education in a nurturing environment through the cooperative efforts of the students, parents, school, community, and county.

We pledge to:

  • Enable the students to identify and address their academic and social problems and to replace hurting behaviors with helping behaviors.
  • Internally motivate the students to recognize their full potential through intensive instruction with emphasis on being lifelong learners.
  • Equip the students with academic and social skills for a successful transition and reintegration into their regular instructional campus with simultaneous assistance and care by their parents/guardians.
  • Provide the students with a climate of high expectations in a nurturing environment where they feel a sense of belonging and being connected to a valuable program.
  • Provide the students with learning experiences that equip them to perform at grade level or above.
  • Provide the students a curriculum that facilitates the acquisition of stronger academic skills including higher thinking skills and problem-solving models.
  • Provide the students an opportunity for resocialization through the development of a healthy self-respect and respect for others.
  • Provide parental assistance and support in an effort to increase the parent's effectiveness as partners in education.